Time Together

Strong relationships allow us to feel connected, the sense of being cared for and feeling important can give you purpose and beautiful moments with loved ones. However, after diagnosis relationships can be complex and can change dynamics.

Find easy topics

If you are worried about what to talk about with a friend because you perhaps have not got much news, find easy topics to speak about such as television programs or speak about old times.

As often as possible

Spending any time with friends and family is good for your mental health. Do this as often as you can and want to. Whether this is a coffee, sitting at home doing a puzzle together or playing a board game.

Support network

Create a support network. Find a few key people and look for any groups near you that you can join.

Socialise in small groups

When socialising you may find small groups easier to have a conversation with. Too many people and too much noise could be overwhelming.

Talk openly

Some friends may struggle at first with your diagnosis but try to talk openly to them about what is happening and give your friends time to adapt to what you are experiencing.