All About Us

All About Us

Group Game

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Size & Details

  • Board dimensions: H16.5in x 11.4in
  • Packaging dimensions: H12.4in x W7.7in x D1.8in
  • Card dimensions: H3.9in x W2.8in
  • Dies dimensions: H1.4in x W1.4in
  • Counter dimensions: H1.6in x W0.8in x D0.8in
  • Materials: responsibly sourced card and wood
  • Players: 2-4
  • Foam card holder
  • Cards x60
  • Counters x4
  • Instructions: English, German, French, and Spanish
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All About Us


All About Us

This groundbreaking game for dementia is uniquely focused on the power of life-storytelling and mindfulness, inviting players to explore their personal stories from childhood to the present and beyond. Through engaging conversations, players can delve into their experiences, emotions, values, and aspirations, fostering a sense of identity, independence, and purpose.

Easy to play

With no complex rules you can customise the instructions to suit your own needs and preferences, making it accessible for different abilities.

Thoughtfully designed

Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure inclusivity and accessibility. With larger pieces and vibrant colours for people with dexterity difficulties and visual impairment.

Backed by research

Developed in collaboration with experts from the MinD project, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Wolverhampton, the NHS, Alzheimer Europe, and Relish, this game is the result of extensive research and design to enhance the players wellbeing.

Group game

All About Us can be enjoyed with up to 4 people or teams, a great way to get the family together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play the game?

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Place the cards in groups in the card holder. Do not shuffle the cards.
Throw the large dice and the first person moves their counter to the corresponding shape on the 0's decade.
Choose the colour/decade card that relates to the shape/colour.
Read the question aloud and answer the question.
Once answered, place the card back in the holder and play moves to the next person.

Can you explain more about how the questions work?

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Earlier questions will relate to that decade and can be answered recalling a memory from that time.
As you move through the board, always choose cards that relate to the decade your counter is on.
As you reach a decade that is older than the players are, the questions can be answered as to what you think you might do or feel.

What is the aim of the game?

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The aim of the game is to bring people together to answer a series of questions about their lives. A game for reminiscing about the past as well as answering what their thoughts and dreams would be if answering a question in a decade they may not have reached yet. It is great for conversation starting and an opportunity to find something out about each other that you did not know.

Does All About Us come in different languages?

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Currently the game is in English only.

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