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Celebrating World Alzheimer's Month

To celebrate Worlds Alzheimer’s Month we wanted to share with you our favourite pieces of advice from our community that has helped them to improve their daily wellbeing whilst living with dementia. Explore our Dementia Wellbeing Hub to listen to their advice.

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Activities for everyone

We have collated a great bank of activity ideas to suit any stage, season or mindset. And there is more; sign up for access to our extended list and be the first to hear of our newest ideas.

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Designed with purpose

When Relish CEO, Ben, was 10 years old his grandad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Relish is a result of Ben’s quest to find something that kept his relationship with his grandpa as strong as possible.

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Passion for wellbeing

We are committed to improving the wellbeing of people with dementia. Every one of our products is designed to affect the different levers that lead to overall wellbeing.

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We continually measure our social impact

Real impact is vital to us, so we continually measure how we’re doing with our Social Impact reports, making sure we provide products that affect people’s lives for the better.

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We have improved the wellbeing of over 1 million people affected by dementia


83% of our customers say that we have improved their wellbeing by using our products

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We love activities. And we’ve gained some experience in getting the most out of them. In our suite of podcasts we’ve pulled together...

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