Fidget Widget Tool Kit

Fidget Widget Tool Kit

Fidget Widget Toy

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Size & Details

Product dimensions: H18.5cm W3.5cm x D3cm
Packaging dimensions: H19.5cm W13cm x D13cm
Material: responsibly sourced wood
Fidget Widgets: x5

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Fidget Widget Tool Kit


Fidget Widget Tool Kit

The Fidget Widget has been designed in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Society and the University of Central Lancashire, to improve the well-being of people in the later stages of dementia, by supporting their psychological needs to feel occupied, engaged and included in a meaningful activity of their choice.

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The repetitive motions of the various fidgets channel nervous energy and promote relaxation. This helps individuals manage restlessness, focus attention, and improve overall wellbeing.


The toolkit features textures, shapes, and materials designed to encourage tactile exploration. This sensory stimulation keeps minds active and engaged.

Variety & Choice

The Fidget Widget Tool kit offers 5 different fidget toys, each providing a distinct sensory experience. This variety caters to individual preferences and allows users to discover the tools that best soothe and stimulate them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What stage are the Fidget Widgets right for?

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Our Fidget Widgets have been designed for those in the late stages of their dementia journey.

How do you suggest to use the Fidget Widgets?

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  • Invite the person to sit in a comfortable chair, armchair or at a table.
  • Unfold the toolkit in front of them.
  • Take out the widgets and lay them on the table.
  • Encourage the person pick up and look at all the widgets in turn.
  • Ask them to choose one.
  • If they seem reluctant to pick one up, do a little demonstration and hand it to them. You could place it in their hand and guide their fingers around it to discover how it feels.
  • Encourage them to explore and connect with the widget, feeling and moving the parts.
  • Give them as much time as they like to enjoy it.
  • Ask them every now and again if they’d like to try a different one (it’s best to supervise them throughout this activity).

Who would the Fidget Widgets be ideal for?

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The Fidget Widgets are ideal for people who have restless hands. The Fidget Widgets help to calm and engage them.

With the Roll Fidget Widget, can the ball fall out?

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No the ball will not fall out of the roll. It is desiged to move smoothly around the tool.

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