Day Connect - 3 Room Pack

Day Connect - 3 Room Pack

Reminder Clock

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Size & Details

Pack includes
3 x Relish Day Connect™ - Dementia Clock.

Product dimensions: H18.6cm x W12cm x D2.7cm
Packaging dimensions: H20.5cm x W18.5cm x D5.2cm
Material: plastic
Power cable: 1.85m
7” LCD display
High definition display (HD)
180 degree viewing angle
Colour combinations x4
Clock display: 12 or 24 hour
Wifi connectivity (works with or without wifi)
Automatic dimming
Setup buttons
Folding stand
High-friction rubber feet
Wall mounting holes x2
Robust construction & materials
Simple setup process
Language Options: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese

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  • Product dimensions: H7.3in x W4.7in x D1.1in
  • Packaging dimensions: H8.1in x W7.3in x D2in
  • Material: plastic
  • Power cable: 6ft
  • 7” LCD display
  • High definition display (HD)
  • 180 degree viewing angle
  • Color combinations x4
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (works with or without Wi-Fi)
  • Automatic dimming
  • Speaker
  • Setup buttons
  • Folding stand
  • High-friction rubber feet
  • Wall mounting holes x2
  • Robust construction & materials
  • Simple setup process
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Day Connect - 3 Room Pack


Day Connect™

Our simplified day clock makes it easy to stay on top of your schedule and regain control of your day.

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Simple design

The Day Connect™ clearly shows the time and date to help people with dementia stay orientated.

The set up is done via buttons neatly hidden on the side to avoid any confusion or accidental changes.

Perfect time

Guaranteed to keep the perfect time, even if the device is accidentally unplugged. Automatically updating for Daylight Saving Time.


Tailor the day clock display to suit your personal needs and perferences as they change over time.

Auto dim

The clock screen automatically dims to ambient light levels, perfect for the evening.

HD display

The HD clock display is viewable from all angles and has unrivaled contrast and clarity that makes it perfect for people with visual impairment.

Home network

Pair with a Day Hub™ and get Task Alerts in multiple rooms across your home. Can connect with or without wifi.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the display transition from night to morning?

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If you choose to have a text display, the time ranges will be as follows:

Morning (04:00-11:59)
Afternoon (12:00-17:59)
Evening (18:00-21:59)
Night (22:00-03:59)

If you choose the Icons, the time ranges will be as follows...
Sun: 06.00 - 17.59
Moon: 18.00 - 05.59

These times are set and are not able to be customised.

Please can I have a PDF download of the manual for the Day Connect™

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Please find a link "here" to download the English version of the manual for the Day Connect™

Do the clocks require WiFi to work?

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No, the clocks can be used with or without WiFi and still maintain accurate time.

What happens if WiFi is disconnected?

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In the absence of WiFi connectivity, your clock will continue functioning through wireless technology. Upon the restoration of WiFi, the clocks will re-establish a connection automatically.

What size is the text on the display and can this be made larger/smaller?

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The text on the devices measurements are as follows:
Height of time - around 27mm. Additional details - around 11.5mm These are on a high quality LCD display.

The text size cannot be altered, however, there are a choice of optimum colour ranges which are also suitable for those who have visual difficulties. These are as follows...
White Text on Black Background
Black Text on White Background
Yellow Text on Black Background
Black Text on Yellow Background
The screen has the added benefit that it is visable from all angles, seated or standing.

What happens in the event of loss of power?

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If the device loses power, the installed battery will save your settings. Once power is restored all the settings will resume*.

Can I have the Day Connect on its own?

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The Day Connect can be used on its own and is an excellent Day Clock in its own right. However when paired with a Day Hub, you will then have access to the Task Alerts, enabling more independence.

Do the Day Range devices run on batteries?

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No, the products require a power adapter. However, there is a battery which will provide a back up if product is unplugged and data will not be lost. This should not be relied on to power the device for normal use.

What languages are supported?

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The Day Range devices can be used in English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, German and Dutch.

How long is the power cord?

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This measures 185cm/73"

Will the Day Range devices keep accurate time?

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The Day Range devices use advanced technology to ensure they keep accurate time and date. They automatically update to the correct date and year - even if accidentially unplugged for weeks at a time.

How does the Day Hub™ and Day Connect™ pair together?

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The Day Connect™ and Day Hub™, can be paired with or without Wifi connection. On the Day Connect™ press the menu button, then scroll to "Pairing and unpairing devices", press the OK button on the side. It will then guide you how to pair the devices together using just a few steps.

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