Exploring the Power of Help Texts: Revolutionising Caregivers Support

Exploring the Power of Help Texts: Revolutionising Caregivers Support

By Bianca Ansbro-Elliott on, August 30, 2023


In a world where technology continues to shape our everyday lives, it comes as no surprise that new and innovative solutions are emerging in the field of mental health support. Today, we are excited to introduce our partnership with Help Texts, is revolutionising the way we approach caregiving and mental health support.

Founded in 2018, Help Texts were the first company in the world to publish data on text-based grief support, proving the efficacy of this innovative approach. By harnessing the power of text messages, Help Texts offers personalised and support to individuals in need. One of the key aspects that sets Help Texts apart is their commitment to tailor their text support based on individual requirements. Taking factors such as age, relationship, and diagnosis. Help Texts ensures that each subscriber receives highly customised and relevant texts. The flexibility and adaptability of this approach allow for a highly personalised experience, enhancing the effectiveness of the support provided.

Subscribers to Help Texts receive two texts per week for a duration of 12 months, complemented by additional messages on important dates and holidays. These evidence-based texts have been carefully crafted in collaboration with world-leading bereavement and caregiving experts, guaranteeing their accuracy and reliability. Furthermore, Help Texts understands the importance of accessibility, offering their texts in 20 different languages to serve a diverse community of users.

One of the unique features of Help Texts is the ability for subscribers to add two loved ones to their subscription. By involving friends or family members as supporters, individuals gain additional social support and increase their grief literacy. This sets Help Texts apart from traditional support systems, which often lack the involvement of a network of close ones. By leveraging the power of social connections, Help Texts provides an even more comprehensive and well-rounded support system.

At Relish, we are proud to be partnering with Help Texts to bring this revolutionary support technology to our users. We understand the challenges that come with caring for loved ones and the need for accessible and effective support systems. The collaboration between Relish and Help Texts aims to provide an exclusive offer tailored to the specific needs of caregivers, enabling them to access the invaluable resources and expertise offered by Help Texts.

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