Care Homes For People Living With Dementia

Care Homes For People Living With Dementia

By Chelsea Roderick on, June 28, 2022


People with dementia will need more care and support as their symptoms progress, and moving into a care home may better suit their needs, but this can be a difficult decision to make.

Choosing a care home can be challenging and requires a lot of thought and planning. We have compiled a list of care homes in the United Kingdom and the United States that provide various services to match individual needs and requirements.


Care UK

Care Uk home for those living with dementia logo

Care UK is committed to developing high-quality dementia care tailored to your loved one’s unique needs. Every care home worker has up-to-date expert training to understand everything about dementia, so they are fully equipped to take care of someone living with dementia. They spend time getting to know their residents so they can develop an individual plan for them.

Care UK works with academic institutions to ensure that they are updated with the latest developments in research and can use that knowledge in their care. They employ dementia experts to produce innovative dementia care, from food and dining experiences to building empowerment and increasing wellbeing.

Methodist Homes (MHA)

MHA Care Home for those living with dementia logo

MHA are the UK’s charity care home provider providing specialist care for people for 75 years. They are dedicated and put their customers first with personalised and tailored requirements to suit their needs.

MHA provide a range of care services, including residential and dementia care, with their care homes offering a weekly activity programme so that you can enjoy life to the fullest and still have fun. They also provide award-winning music therapy that helps people with dementia feel better, improving wellbeing and joy and reducing isolation and loneliness.

Caring Homes

Caring Homes logo

Caring Homes is a care home provider awarded the ‘Princess Royal Training' award for care services. Their advanced training programmes help staff to understand and have an awareness of dementia and its symptoms, along with highlighting the importance of meaningful activities and a stimulating environment so that people with dementia can live well. They also have specialist food training, which provides their chefs and hospitality teams with the necessary skills to stimulate senses and increase creativity in cooking.

Caring Homes believe residents should continue pursuing hobbies and interests and be as active and independent as possible. They offer a range of activities so residents can enjoy and express themselves comfortably. They use various methods to engage the senses and stimulate memory through reminiscence activities so individuals can reflect and reminisce about good times in their lives.

Minster Care Group

Minister Care Group dementia care home logo

Minster Care Group is committed to providing residents and their loved ones with an environment in which they can feel safe and supported. They have a holistic approach to care that looks after its residents’ spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

They aim to make a comfortable living experience for their residents in their purpose-built homes. They have special activities designed for people with dementia that they can partake in either in groups or alone. Their clear signage and caring staff help residents have a good quality of life.

Their model creates a welcoming and friendly environment by encouraging residents to interact and engage with other residents and staff. This positively affects everyone as it leads to increased understanding, trust, and individualised care.

Barchester Healthcare

Dementia care home Barchester Health Care logo

Barchester delivers high-quality dementia care through its specialised resources, including a dedicated Dementia Care Specialist Team who are experts in the field. It also has a Quality Improvement Team who assesses the quality of care delivered and makes sure it is consistent and kept up to date with the latest developments.

Staff are thoroughly trained to understand the different types of dementia and how each symptom may present itself individually so care and support can be tailored to each individual. Its specialist units for those with dementia are called Memory Lane Communities, designed to keep residents safe and supported.

Ideal Carehomes

Ideal Care Homes logo

Ideal Carehomes welcomes new residents for long and short-term visits with 24-hour dementia care. They have many homes around the UK in comfortable, quiet surroundings for residents to enjoy a calm and peaceful environment.

Ideal Carehomes have a highly-trained team of staff that provide care and make a real difference in the lives of people with dementia, making their homes a wonderful place to live. The staff promote independence for residents and ensure that high-quality care is provided by putting residents' active and enjoyable lifestyle at the centre.

Signature Senior Lifestyle

Signature dementia home care service logo

Signature Senior Lifestyle operates 36 luxury care homes across the South East and London. At Signature, we offer dementia, residential and nursing care, combined with outstanding luxury accommodation, five-star amenities and exceptional care to create a safe, happy and fulfilling living environment like no other. Signature is the market leader in dementia care. Using our innovative “My Life” dementia care pathway, we offer our residents a person-centred, sympathetic and responsive approach to living with dementia. We continue to seek advice and guidance relating to the latest research from professional bodies including The Alzheimer’s Society (Dementia Friends) and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The Orders of St John Care Trust

The Orders of St John Care Trust is a leading not-for-profit care provider, providing high-quality care, support and housing to residents and tenants in over 60 locations.

Their services cover dementia, intermediate, respite, and day care, as well as nursing and extra care housing. They employ their own team of dementia specialist Admiral Nurses.

Their ethos of care is based on the belief that every person living with them should be given care that meets their individual needs. They also believe that every person living with them should enjoy life in an atmosphere of warmth, harmony, understanding, and respect.

The Orders of St John Care Trust

Four Seasons Health Care Group

Four Seasons Health Care Group is one of the UK’s largest independent health care providers. Operating under the Four Seasons Health Care and brighterkind brands, the Group comprises 112 care homes across the UK providing long-term and respite residential, nursing and dementia care for older people.

Four Seasons Health Care Group


Westbrook Senior Living

Westbrook senior living care service logo

Westbrook Senior Living uses a Montessori-based philosophy for memory care, meaning fostering and developing a true community for people with dementia and their loved ones.

Trained staff members encourage and explore your loved one's interests and preferences and customise their experience to do what they enjoy and are comfortable with.

Westbrook Senior Living has a 24-hour emergency response system with around-the-clock staff looking after residents. Residents are also treated to three meals daily and have a variety of activities from homemaking tasks to online games and virtual reality trips to make their lives fun and enjoyable.

Brookdale Senior Living

Brokedale Senior Living care home for dementia patients logo

The memory care community at Brookdale Senior Living features a person-centred approach where residents can experience a high quality of life. Loved ones would live in an apartment home surrounded by 24-hour care and friendly peers.

The program is designed to help your loved one feel safe and have a sense of belonging and purpose. The memory care communities have the same look and function as a private home, making residents feel secure and comfortable.

Residents can live a whole and enriching life by participating in daily activities encouraging them to continue to live with meaning.

Belmont Village Senior Living

Belmont Village Care Home for those with dementia logo

The memory care experts at Belmont Village Senior Living create individualised plans for its residents that incorporate a fitness lifestyle and therapeutic activities. They focus on individual needs and abilities to maximise residents’ happiness, health and dignity. The memory care residents have 24/7 support on-site and highly-trained selected caring staff to support each person with dementia with care, compassion and respect.

The memory care neighbourhood is for people with dementia who need a secure and safe environment that is carefully monitored and for those who would benefit from a personalised program and care.

Canterfield Senior Living

Canterfield Senior Living Care home logo

Canterfield Senior Living is an inspiring retirement community that provides residents with flexibility and freedom to design each day as they wish while continuing to enjoy an active, independent, healthy lifestyle.

For people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, Canterfield provides individualised and personal services to meet each person’s needs and abilities. This program enables them to provide high-quality care in the right environment so that residents feel comfortable and secure.

Residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s can participate in one-on-one or group activities that bring them joy and satisfaction, enabling them to receive compassion and support.

MorningStar Senior Living

Morning Star Logo dementia care home service

MorningStar at Englefield Green has a holistic approach to understanding dementia. It has a special memory care program, Lavender Sky, designed to comfort and heal those with dementia from all stages - from the onset of dementia to the later stages. Its ambition is to enter, embrace and explore the world of dementia and offer support for its residents.

It is a personalised program that prides itself on honouring, serving and investing, which sets them apart from other senior living communities. They honour God, value and serve residents and invest in their highly skilled staff in a loving, compassionate and caring residential setting.

Aston Gardens At Pelican Pointe

Aston Gardens Care home logo

Aston Gardens At Pelican Pointe is in the heart of Venice just minutes from the best shopping, entertainment and medical facilities. Residents enjoy exceptional accommodations, fine dining, resort amenities, a daily schedule of recreational, social and educational activities, health and wellness programs, complimentary transportation and the finest professional team members in Florida. You'll enjoy an all-inclusive, affordable country club lifestyle complete with resort amenities and plenty of fun activities. And when you are not at home, head over to the well-appointed 23,000+ square foot Grande Clubhouse for good times with friends. Give us a call to find out why we are America's award-winning senior-living community!


There are a variety of care homes to choose from in the United Kingdom and the United States with unique things to offer. Spend time speaking with care home providers to help you decide which care home you think will offer the best level of care for your loved one's needs.

We bring joy to people living with Dementia

Here at Relish, we are all about finding ways to improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We develop products and activities to engage and build connections between those with dementia and their caregivers. Learn more about dementia and see our dementia products here.

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