What you need

  1. News articles in large print from across the world - download resource


We all know about the news and events in our local area, but what about all the incredible stories going on right across the world? This activity is a lovely way to discover more about other countries and cultures and how their daily news differs from ours. We probably aren’t affected by the mango rivalry in Queensland Australia or the large Tegu lizard invasion in Georgia USA. But at the touch of a button we can learn all about them and how they affect others. 

Simply print off around 10 world news articles, then boil the kettle and settle down for a fun discussion. Enjoy this 1-on-1 or in a group

Top tip

Don’t rush the session. Even though you might have plenty of articles to read, people may find lots to discuss on just 1 or 2. That’s perfectly fine. You can save the rest for another session

The Activity

  1. Sit around a table or in a quiet, comfy area and start by catching up on local news
  2. ·Now select 1 world news article and explain which part of the world it comes from
  3. Read out the headline and ask the group if they know what it might be about, then read out the full article or ask people if they’d like to read it out instead
  4. Spend time discussing the article and what everyone thinks about it
  5. Explore how people would feel if this event happened in their area and how they would react
  6. Continue the discussion until everyone is finished and ready to move on
  7. Repeat the activity with the next article

PDF Resource