What you need

  1. A whiteboard (or large piece of paper)
  2. Pens
  3. A set of words - download resource


This clever little game is so simple – yet super fun! All you do is take a word and then encourage your player(s) to think about other words that sound the same but have different meanings. For example, ‘night’ could also be ‘knight’ and ‘blue’ could be ‘blew’. You play it in a group and encourage people to shout out the answers.

Why not make it even more interesting by asking people to include each new word within a sentence? ‘The courageous knight rode his horse into the night.’ Just like that!

Top tip

If you want to keep this activity at an exploratory level, don’t ask for the sentences as well. Stick with the new words

The Activity

  1. Write down your first word on a whiteboard
  2. Ask the group to think of another word that sounds the same
  3. Encourage whoever gets a correct answer to use that word within a sentence

PDF Resource