What you need

  1. 20-30 pictures of famous and obscure landmarks in the USA - download resource


It’s time to get to know some famous and obscure, and weird and wonderful landmarks from across the pond. This activity is part quiz, part discussion, and a chance to become familiar with some of America’s most iconic attractions.

Simply guess the landmarks or marvel at the unusual ones, and encourage the group to think about what kind of landmark they’d like to design.

The Activity

  1. Show the group one picture at a time
  2. Ask them to guess what it is or, if it’s unusual, what they think it might be
  3. Encourage the group to discuss what they think about this landmark, especially the more unusual ones, like Bubblegum Alley in California
  4. If there’s time, ask each person what landmark they would like to design and where they would put it

PDF Resource