What you need

  1. Tissue paper in shades of red, orange and yellow
  2. A4 or A3 sheets of white card
  3. Black poster paper 
  4. White pencil
  5. Glue stick
  6. Silhouette templates - download resource


Who doesn’t love the beauty of a sunset? It’s one of nature’s most striking creations. The warm shades of red, orange and yellow create a lovely summery feel, all year round. We invite you to create your very own sunset with your choice of silhouette – maybe a tree, boat, flower or something else.

It’s a great activity 1-on-1 or in a group. 

Top tip

Why not cut some silhouettes out ready? It’ll make the lives of those who would struggle with drawing and cutting a lot easier. Or if you want to make the image a bit more complex, use several silhouettes, such as a bird on a tree.

The Activity

  1. Show the person or group a pre-made sunset silhouette picture and explain how you’re going to create the same effect  
  2. Ask them to think about what silhouette they’d like on their sunset (e.g. an animal, tree, flower bird, boat, lighthouse etc)
  3. Invite them to draw an outline of the silhouette onto the black poster paper using the white pencil and to cut it out
  4. Tear the tissue paper into strips to fit the width of the card, whether it’s portrait or landscape. The strips don’t have to be in straight lines – the more jagged they are, the more natural they will look  
  5. Stick the tissue paper onto the card in layers using the glue stick until it’s completely covered
  6. Glue your silhouette onto the card – and voila! Your sunset silhouette picture is complete
  7. Finally, pop them in frames and hang around the house

PDF Resource