What you need

  1. A spiderweb template - download resource
  2. Coloured pens, paint, crayons or pencils
  3. Frames – pick some up from a charity shop
  4. Fake spider (optional)


Do you get a chill up your spine when you think of a spider’s hairy legs? Often, we’re so afraid of these little creatures that we fail to notice how incredible they are. Spiderwebs are architectural and geometric masterpieces – so delicate, intricate, and particularly beautiful soaked in the morning dew. This art activity celebrates their beauty!

We’re going to enjoy the shapes within the lines of the web and colour them in all different colours. Once you’re done, you might even want to add a fake spider (if you dare)

The Activity

  1. Gather the person or group at a table
  2. Lay out the templates
  3. Let people choose what media they would like to use – some may prefer pens, some paints…
  4. Colour in the gaps of the web – we recommend using lots of different colours to create a beautifully bright and eye-catching picture
  5. Add a fake spider, if you like
  6. Once coloured in, leave to dry (if using paint)
  7. Frame all the pictures and display them together – each one will be unique, just like a spiderweb

PDF Resource