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  • Stay Independent
  • Stay Active
  • Find Calm

What you need

  1. Kitchen sink or a washing up bowl, if the person can’t access the sink (just bring the bowl to them)
  2. Crockery (no sharp or glass items)
  3. Cutlery
  4. Warm water
  5. Washing-up liquid
  6. Sponge


This is a great activity to remind people of their home routines. Washing up is a simple, meditative task that many will remember and easily engage with. The result? A real sense of purpose and achievement upon seeing a pile of sparkling crockery.

The Activity

  1. Encourage the person to fill up the bowl with water and some washing-up liquid. Make sure the temperature is just right and not too hot
  2. Place just a few items of crockery into the bowl
  3. Let them wash up the items at their leisure, adding in more if they are happy to continue
  4. While they are washing up, you or another resident can dry up and have a chat, reminiscing about all the household chores they used to do
  5. Why not finish the activity with the reward of a nice cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits or cake?