What you need

  1. Postcards with French words written on them - download resource
  2. A table for people to gather around


From cafes to croissants and coq au vin, the language and culture of the French is a huge part of our daily lives. Which is just one reason why this fun ‘French word’ guessing game is so great to play. Exploring languages is also brilliant for our brain – so it’s fun and promotes good brain health. C’est bon!

We’d recommend playing in groups of up to 6 and if you fancy giving the whole day a French twist, don’t forget to serve coffee and croissants or a glass of French wine. You could even gather everyone round to watch The Three Musketeers or Les Miserables afterwards. (Take a look at our event activity celebrating Bastilles Day too).

Top tip

Make it hard enough so that people won’t feel silly if they guess incorrectly – but include a few words that we all know too. Bonjour or Petit could be fun starter words, for example.

The Activity

  1. 1. Put the cards face down in a pile on a table
  2. Gather the group together and encourage everyone to take a turn to pick up a card and reveal it to the group
  3. Ask them to read it aloud the way they think it should be said
  4. Then ask the rest of the group to guess what the word might be
  5. It isn’t meant to be a competitive game, but if you’d like to score points for correct answers you can award a small prize to the winner!

PDF Resource