What you need

  1. ‘Name 10 things’ game - download resource
  2. Paper or flip chart


Let’s go somewhere – anywhere! This game is all about transporting yourself to a room or place and thinking up 10 things you could find there. It might sound easy but imagine what else you might find in a library after someone has already said “books”. The challenge is on!

There are no wrong answers and no pressure to win, so have fun thinking about what you would find in your new environment. It’s a great game for a group or with one person

The Activity

  1. Gather the group, or sit with one person and give them the game sheet
  2. Explain how the game works and give some examples (e.g. a treasure island might have sand, a palm tree, some gold coins, etc)
  3. Write the first room or place on the paper or flip chart, and invite people to shout out things you could find there 
  4. Encourage everyone to work together to come up with 10 – or more if they’re on a roll!
  5. Welcome all answers and even the obscure ones. If an answer doesn’t make total sense right away, take a moment to find out why they suggested it. The main thing is to have fun! 
  6. Move onto another room or place once they’ve thought up 10 things
  7. Carry on for as long as everyone is enjoying it

PDF Resource