What you need

  1. Music, of course!
  2. A list of dance movements - download resource


Hey dancers, here’s your chance to shine and lead the merry way! Take it in turns to make up a dance move (be it super simple or super snazzy) and get the rest of the group to follow. Think of it as a musical workout.

Let your hair down, enjoy yourselves and help people to move and dance within their physical capabilities.  Great fun as a group/family activity but can be done one on one as well 

The Activity

  1. Gather the group in a circle, so everyone can see each other
  2. Explain to the group how the dance exercises will work
  3. Turn on the music and get everyone warmed up. Sing a few songs together, while tapping your feet and clapping along
  4. Ask the first person to initiate a movement – “jazz hands!”, for example
  5. Encourage everyone to follow the movement, if they can, for 5 to 10 goes. Remind everyone that it’s ok to look silly!
  6. Ask the next person to choose a different movement and encourage everyone to follow
  7. Continue until the group has done around 10 different moves
  8. Finish the session with a cool down – a relaxing song to sing along to, while gently clapping and tapping their feet
  9. If someone is struggling to think of a move, suggest one to help them out

PDF Resource