Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude

  • 10
  • 30
  • 60


  • Find Calm
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. Relish Radio
  2. or CDs and a CD player
  3. or A tablet or computer, if you are playing from the internet
  4. or visit M4D radio here A group of 5 themed radio stations available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year playing music that evokes memories.
    Choose your era, listen and enjoy…


Music is wonderfully emotive. From Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley, familiar songs are a fantastic way to engage a person living with dementia, as it will help to lift their mood and spark memories.

You can play music to a group or with just one person. With that latter, you’ll have the freedom to play all their favourite tunes.

The Activity

  1. Find a quiet space to play the music
  2. Ask the person or group what they would like to listen to
  3. Play the music and allow the person to listen and enjoy it, any way they like
  4. They may like to:
         - Sit quietly and listen
         - Share memories of where the song takes them
         - Sing along
         - Get up and dance
  5. However they choose to listen, encourage them to do so for as long as they’re enjoying themselves