Just Strolling Along

Just Strolling Along

  • 10
  • 30
  • 60


  • Find Calm
  • Stay Active

What you need

  1. Any items that the person will need to make them comfortable on the walk, such as:
  2. Coat
  3. Wheelchair (If needed)
  4. Drink
  5. Snack


Sometimes people living with dementia can get agitated, unsettled and upset. The solution isn’t always activity, as that might agitate them more – sometimes the solution is simply taking a little time out.

It might be hard to pinpoint what is making them agitated if they can’t rationalise their thoughts and feelings into words. So it’s always best to first consider the obvious triggers, like needing the toilet or feeling hungry, thirsty or unwell – or side effects from medication. If it’s none of these things then simply going for a nice relaxing walk may help.

Top tip

Make sure you take their physical condition into account when you set off, you don’t want to push them father than they can manage. You don’t want them to feel any pain or to feel unwell.

The Activity

  1. You could just take a walk inside the building, stopping off to chat to others along the way. This could be a nice distraction
  2. Or you take a walk around the garden, weather permitting, as their previous environment could have been affecting them. Maybe it was too hot and airless in there, or there was too much going on
  3. If they’re able, why not go out in the local area for a walk or a stroll to a local park? Draw their attention to all the sights and smells, and make the most of them. This may distract them from their worries, helping them to relax and feel more like talking and sharing memories
  4. If a person can’t walk, but you think they’d benefit from getting outside, take them out in a wheelchair (if needed). As you walk, regularly reassure them that you are there, stop for a moment, and stand in front of them to remind them who they’re with