What you need

  1.  'Performance' word search - Download resource
  2. A clear, quiet space – preferably at a table
  3. Pen or pencil
  4. A tray
  5. A magnifying glass to make the letters bigger (if useful)


Who doesn’t love a wordy game of hide and seek? Word searches are a great way to spend a fun-filled 15 minutes. This one’s based around words that describe types of performance, so they’ll help to spark memories, start discussions and maybe even inspire a dance or sing-a-long. Who knows?!

Top tip

When the word search is finished, remember to spark a conversation around what performances they’ve been too or seen. You could even listen to some of the songs or watch some of the film footage!

The Activity

  1. Sit down at the table together, ideally one with a plain tablecloth or background so the words are seen easily). Or, if it’s tricky to sit at the table, rest a tray and book on their lap instead
  2. Give your word searcher the book and a pen or pencil that’s easy to hold
  3. Ask them to look at the list of hidden performance words and search for them in the grid
  4. Encourage them to do the word search independently, by asking them to choose one word at a time, and to start by finding the first letter of that word
  5. If they’re struggling, offer some support to keep the word search fun and light – and remember to give praise each time they find a word

PDF Resource