Guess Who I Am

Guess Who I Am

  • 30
  • 60


  • Embrace Identity
  • Time Together

What you need

  1. A question sheet for each. An A4 piece of card or paper, with 4 questions written on. Such as:
  • What’s your favourite holiday destination?
  • Name one thing you really don’t like
  • Name one thing you love
  • What’s your favourite toy as a child?

  2. A box


Let’s get to know each other a whole lot better! This easy-going activity invites people to answer some questions about themselves on paper. The paper then gets folded up and mixed together, and people have to guess who wrote what. It’s a great way to get the conversation flowing!

This activity is ideal for people in the early-planned stage of their journey. 

The Activity

  1. Give each person a copy of the question sheet
  2. Ask everyone to spend a few moments writing down the answers to the questions
  3. Tell people to keep their answers to themselves, for now
  4. Once they’ve finished, fold up the sheets, put them in the box and mix them up
  5. Invite the first person to pull a folded piece of paper from the box
  6. Encourage them to read out the questions and answers
  7. Now the group has to guess who they think wrote these answers (it doesn’t matter if people get it wrong)
  8. Once you know who wrote the answers, encourage them to talk a little and reminisce about their answers – then ask the group to join in the discussion
  9. Move onto the next piece of paper, figure out who wrote the answers and talk about their life
  10. Keep doing this until all the pieces of paper have gone