What you need

  1. A soft ball
  2. A set of 24 pre-prepared cards, with a variety of questions written on each one.
  3. They could include:
  • Quiz questions
  • Fun questions
  • Things to do
  • ‘Getting to know you’ questions - Download resource


This is a fantastic activity for people in the planned and exploratory stages of their dementia journey, as it encourages them to interact, ask questions, listen, reminisce and discuss topics of interest to them.  This activity is more suited to a group.

Top tip

If you find that the ball is being thrown between the same people, you may want to step in and take charge, so everyone gets a go.

The Activity

  1. Sit the group in a circle and throw the ball to someone
  2. Ask that person to choose a card and read it aloud to the group (if they will need help reading it, make sure you’re sat beside them when they pick it)
  3. Encourage them to answer the question, and give everyone else an opportunity to answer it too, if they want
  4. Once they’ve had their turn, ask that person to throw the ball to someone else.
  5. Keep the game going until all the cards have gone
  6. You may also want to encourage people to come up with their own questions and topics for discussion

PDF Resource