Fruity Meringue Nests

Fruity Meringue Nests

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  • Bring Joy
  • Time Together

What you need

  1. Ready-made meringue nests 
  2. Mix of fruits (such as banana, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, kiwi, clementine)
  3. Canned squirty cream 
  4. Sauces (such as strawberry or chocolate)


Ooh… what’s not to love about a sweet and crumbly meringue nest with cream and delicious fresh fruit? These lovely light puddings are a great way to mark the beginning of spring when you’ve had quite your fill of stodgy wintery puddings.  

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s so easy! You simply buy the ready-made meringue nests (or make your own if you prefer), create a selection of tasty fillings, and invite people to assemble them. Another good thing is that there’s no baking, so there’s no waiting around. 

Get hands on in a small group or 1-on-1 and invite family and friends.

Top tip

If anyone struggles with the texture of meringue, why not whizz up all the ingredients into a smoothie-style drink and pop some cream on top? That way they won’t miss out on this yummy pud.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group around the table
  2. Some may like to prepare the fruit, so invite them to slice it up into small bite-size pieces 
  3. Give each person a nest on a plate
  4. Pass the can of cream around and get each person to squirt a portion into the middle of their nest
  5. Encourage them to pick the fruit they love and place them on top of the cream
  6. Finish off with an indulgent drizzle of sauce
  7. Once everyone has completed their tasty-looking nest, get stuck in and enjoy!