What you need

  1. Extra large sheet of paper (A1 is a good) – or a whiteboard
  2. Pencils, black marker pen and eraser – or whiteboard pens
  3. Long ruler
  4. Sample Crossword - Download resource


Crosswords are a great cognitive task to get the brain working, especially when you turn them into a social activity with friends. This one can be created quickly from scratch, using any words or theme you like, in giant letters for everyone to see.

You can also do this activity with just one person.

Top tip

You can make the crossword easier by choosing a theme (e.g. winter). This will encourage people to think down the right path.

The Activity

Setting up:

  1. Draw a 9x9 grid on the paper or whiteboard using the ruler, so it’s large enough for the person or group to see from a distance
  2. Fill in the grid with easy words, putting one letter into each box. If you’re using paper, do this lightly with a pencil
  3. Colour in the empty squares with a pen
  4. Create questions that lead to the words in the grid. If you’ve written “vase”, your question might be, “What do you put flowers in?”. Do this for all the words, keeping them simple
  5. Erase all of the letters in the boxes
  6. Stand your whiteboard up or pin the sheet of paper to the wall


  1. Gather the small group or person around the crossword, making sure everyone can see it clearly
  2. Read out the first question and encourage them to come up with answers
  3. Invite each person to come up to write their answer on the grid, if they’re able

PDF Resource