Favourite Holidays

Favourite Holidays

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What you need

  1. Photographs from each person’s favourite holidays
  2. Or if that’s not possible, find out which destinations they’ve visited and use images of those instead - download resource


Relaxing by the pool, gliding down snow-covered slopes, watching the sunset over the ocean – or even listening to the patter of raindrops on canvas inside a warm, cosy tent! Whatever your favourite holiday destination, we all love revisiting and reminiscing about them. Even when things don’t go to plan, we often find ourselves laughing about holidays for years to come! Remember taking the wrong turn to the airport and nearly missing the flight? Or the time the seagulls stole your fish and chips? And who hasn’t bought an ice cream only to drop it seconds later?

Spend some time in a small group (or just 1-on-1) looking through photographs and talking about favourite holidays over a nice cup of tea. It’s a lovely way to evoke those special memories

The Activity

  1. Find a table in a quiet space
  2. Spread the photographs and images out across the table
  3. Encourage everyone to explore them and take turns to choose 1 or 2 to discuss and share memories from their favourite holidays
  4. Use a few questions to get the conversation flowing

o   Who did you go with?

o   How long was the journey and how did you get there?

o   Where did you stay?

o   What activities did you enjoy?

o   What food did you eat?

o   When did you last visit?

o   What was the highlight of the trip?

  5. Keep chatting for as long as everyone would like

  6. Maybe finish off the session with an ice cream to take everyone right back to their favourite beach!