Enchanting Sights to Enjoy

Enchanting Sights to Enjoy

  • 10
  • 30
  • 60


  • Find Calm
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A light up lava lamp or projection lamp


How relaxing to sit back and enjoy watching the movement and colours of a lava lamp! You can lose yourself in the flow of the changing colour and shape.

Watching the lava lamp can help the person respond to a single sensory experience without feeling overstimulated.

The Activity

  1. Before the activity make sure that the environment is quiet and uninterrupted.
  2. Use the person’s name to introduce the activity.
  3. Draw the person’s attention to the lava lamp and say ‘look’.
  4. Take time to enjoy watching the lava lamp.
  5. Describe the movement and the colours. Talk to them about favourite colours and tell them about your favourite colours.

Written by Sophie Jopling and Sarah Mousley from Kent Occupational Therapy_