Cottoning Abstract Art

Cottoning Abstract Art

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What you need

  1. A3 or large sheet of card
  2. Brightly coloured poster paints in individual shallow pots
  3. Cotton wool balls
  4. Wooden pegs
  5. Strips of white paper 1cm thick


Sometimes simple art can be the most impactful – and the most fun to create! This hands-on activity invites you to print with lovely soft cotton balls and make a fantastic piece of abstract art. It’s designed for everyone, whether they see themselves as artistic or not.

You can do the whole activity in one go, or do the second part as a follow-up once the paint has dried.

The Activity

  1. Place the large sheet of card on the table
  2. Attach cotton wool balls to the wooden pegs
  3. Discuss with everyone which colours they would like to use
  4. Encourage each person to dip a cotton ball into the paint and print it onto the card
  5. Go wild with the colours!
  6. Either wait for the paint to dry and enjoy a cuppa, or save the next part for another day
  7. Glue the strips of paper over the printed image, crossing over the strips randomly to create a tiled effect like a stained-glass window
  8. Put the work of art on display for everyone to admire