What you need

  1. Caribbean foods, written on individual pieces of paper and then folded up - download resource
  2. Caribbean foods info - download resource
  3. Large silver stew pot 


Where does the word Caribbean take you? To a sun-drenched beach with crystalline waters? Or to a feast of fragrant meaty stews, fresh seafood, and tropical rum punch?

Every island in the balmy Caribbean has its own national dishes, and some – like Red peas soup and conch fritters are loved far beyond their sandy shores.

Let’s have some mouth-watering fun thinking about the Caribbean dishes you’ve either cooked or eaten. Or if you’ve never tasted this kind of food before, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover more about these culinary delights.

This activity is ideal as a one-to-one or with a small group.

Top tip

You can make the cake yourself – look for our ‘Jamaican bulla cake’ activity.

The Activity

  1. Prepare the session first, placing the folded-up paper with the foods written on them in the pot
  2. Put the pot in the middle of a table 
  3. Invite the group/person to come and sit around the table 
  4. Ask the person or one of the group to pick a piece of paper and read it aloud
  5. Encourage them to share their memories of that food. Use these prompt questions, if needed:
    Have you ever eaten this dish?
    Have you cooked this dish?
    Do you have any secret ingredients you add to make it your own?
    When would you eat this dish?
    What do you like/dislike most about this dish
  6. Once the person has shared their memories and others have discussed theirs too, move on to the next person
  7. The next person dips into the pot and takes out a piece of paper – then repeat as above
  8. Continue until all the group have had a go
  9. If there’s more time and the group are enjoying the activity, let them have another round 
  10. Why not have some traditional Jamaican bulla cake with a hot drink to finish off the session?

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