Brush the Dust Away

Brush the Dust Away

  • 10
  • 30
  • 60


  • Stay Active
  • Stay Independent

What you need

  1. A broom
  2. Dusters


People spend their whole lives doing the same routines – day in, day out. But when you move into a care setting, so much of what you used to do for yourself is done for you. Sweeping and dusting, for example, would have once been a normal part of everyday life.

Sweeping and dusting are certainly not the most glamorous of tasks, but they’re great activities to help reconnect people with their past lives, as they’re so familiar. Plus, they give people a real sense purpose and achievement.

You can do them one on one, or give someone a broom or duster, so they can move around and clean at their leisure! 

The Activity

  1. Ask the person whether they’d like to clean with a broom or duster
  2. Let them freely sweep and dust wherever they feel it’s needed
  3. It’s probably best not to sweep in a room where there are other people, as you may risk tripping them up
  4. Put some music on, so they can sing along as they clean
  5. If they’re dusting, there are always so many handles, doors, rails and surfaces to clean and polish
  6. Encourage and show them spots that might need attention, if they are struggling to know where to begin
  7. Once each person has finished, reward them with a nice cup of tea or a selection of drinks, and a few biscuits
  8. Make sure you admire and praise the work well done!