Balloon Race

Balloon Race

  • 30


  • Bring Joy
  • Celebrate Achivement
  • Time Together

What you need

  1. 2 large balloons
  2. Small Bats (optional -  fly squatters are good)


Those with a phobia of heights can rest easy – no need for any Richard Branson-style escapades here! Party balloon races are great fun for people of all ages. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper and easier to fit in the living room!

Gently batting balloons around and keeping them off the ground is great for keeping people active, whether sitting or standing. This game is ideal for a large family gathering or group. The aim is to be the first team to get the balloon down a line of people without it dropping on the floor

The Activity

  1. Divide the group into 2 teams
  2. Arrange 1 team in a line down 1 side of the room and the other team down the other side, spaced apart as much as possible
  3. Give a balloon to the first person in each team and start the game by calling out “go!”
  4. The first person bats the balloon down the line to the next person (using their hand or a bat, if preferred)
  5. Encourage everyone to bat the balloon to the next person in their team
  6. If the balloon drops to the floor, it goes back to the start
  7. The winning team is the one to get their balloon to the end of the line first
  8. Once completed, repeat as often as the group would like
  9. Rules may go out the window and be bent a little, but that’s okay – it’s all part of the fun!