Postcard Smiles

Postcard Smiles

  • 30
  • 60


  • Time Together
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. Variety of postcards or blank postcards
  2. Coloured pens
  3. Personal photo (optional)


There’s something rather lovely about receiving a postcard from a faraway place and hearing what a great time your loved ones are having. Especially when they say, “Wish you were here!” It’s a pity that people update social media a lot more than send cards these days. But since we know how nice it is to receive a handwritten note, let’s put a smile on someone special’s face and send them a postcard

You can do this activity with a group or 1-on-1

Top tip

No one has to write an essay! If someone is struggling to think of something to say, tell them it can be as simple as “Hello Jane, How are you? I am well. Love from Kate”, or “Thinking of you” or “I miss seeing you at bingo every week” etc

The Activity

  1. Lay all the selection of postcards on the table
  2. Invite everyone to look through and reminisce about any trips they enjoyed to those destinations
  3. Ask each person to choose a postcard to send to a friend or loved one (if choosing a blank one, they can decorate it with a photo of themselves)
  4. Ask each person to think of someone they would like to send the postcard to
  5. Encourage them to write a little message to this person
  6. Once finished, add the address and stamp
  7. Head to the nearest post box with the person or group to post it, if they’re able