What you need

  1. A list of Scottish words - download resource
  2. A quiet corner to gather your group


If you know your cuddies (horses) from your kyes (cows), this Scottish colloquial quiz will be pimps (easy). If not, you might find it teuch (tough). But either way it will be lots of fun – and you’re bound to learn something new. It’s a fab activity to organise around Burns Night, or anytime you’ve got a spare hour or so.

Play it with an individual or amp up the giggles with a small group.

The Activity

  1. Gather everyone together and read out the first question for the whole group to answer (alternatively you can ask each person in turn)
  2. If someone’s struggling to answer, the group can step in and help or extra clues can be given
  3. Sometimes someone may know the answer but fail to articulate it, so when this happens make sure you still congratulate them for their knowledge, before you reveal the answer to the group
  4. In fact, congratulate everyone who answers, even if they’re wrong – this activity is all about encouraging people to think
  5. If you’re playing competitively, you can keep scores and award the winner a small prize!

PDF Resource