What you need

  1. A giant set of playing cards
  2. A board to hold at least 5 cards in a row
  3. Easy general knowledge questions - download resource


Ever watched Play your Cards Right? For those that have, this will be a lively reminder of this famous TV show hosted by Bruce Forsyth. For those that haven’t, we’re sure they’ll have fun shouting “higher” or “lower” in a bid to guess the next card in the row.

This game is great with 2 to 10 people, so it’s ideal for playing in groups and at family gatherings.

The Activity

  1. Put 5 or 6 cards on a board face down
  2. Ask each person a question in turn. If they get it right, they score 5 points and get a chance to go to the cards to try and score more points
  3. Turn over the first playing card
  4. Ask the person to guess whether they think the next card will be higher or lower than the first. Encourage the rest of the group to call out what they think they should choose
  5. Invite the person to get up and turn over the cards, if they’re able
  6. If they get it right, give them another 5 points and keep going to see if they can guess all the cards right. If they get one wrong, their go is over and it’s the next person’s turn
  7. Let each person have 3 goes from the beginning (you might want to adjust this depending on the amount of people playing)
  8. Add up the scores at the end and give the winner a prize

PDF Resource