What you need

  1. “Hellos” in different languages - download resource
  2. Flash cards, with “hello” in another language written on one side (don’t forget to write the country on the back)


“Hello!” I bet you’ve said that many thousands of times to greet friends, family, pets and strangers. But do you know how to say “hello” in any other languages? This fun activity teaches residents that friendly word in other tongues. Because learning new languages is really good for the brain!

It’s a relaxed task to be enjoyed over a cuppa – but it can make it more challenging by choosing to greet people in one language for the whole day.

The Activity

  1. Gather around a small table whether as a small group or one on one 
  2. Lay the cards on the table in a pile, “hello” side up
  3. Ask the first person to take a card and read out the word
  4. Invite the group to discuss what country they think it’s from and why
  5. Ask the next person to take a card, and carry on until all the cards are gone
  6. Give everyone a flashcard so they can have fun saying “hello” to everyone in another language for rest of the day

PDF Resource