Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails

  • 10
  • 30


  • Celebrate Achivement
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A coin
  2. Red cards (1 less than your group number)
  3. Small prize (optional)


In this simple yet fun game, you watch a coin fly into the air and then guess which side it’s landed on. But instead of saying “heads” or “tails”, you either put your hands in the air or on your lap to get those limbs moving! If you got it wrong, you’re out. But if not, you play until there’s only one person left – the winner. Good luck!

The Activity

  1. Get everyone to sit in a circle on their chairs
  2. Tell the group that you’re going to flip the coin and they need to guess whether it’s going to be heads or tails. If they think it will be heads, they need to put their arms above their heads. If they think it will be tails, they need to put their hands on their laps
  3. Start the game by flipping the coin
  4. When it lands, hide the coin and ask everyone to guess by moving their arms up or down
  5. Reveal whether it’s heads or tails when everyone’s ready
  6. Whoever got it wrong gets a red card and they miss the next go
  7. Flip a coin again, doing exactly the same thing, with the winning people
  8. Keep going until just one person is left – the winner! Give them a little prize if you have one