What you need

  1. List of abbreviations and their meanings - Download resource
  2. Small prize for the winner (optional)


Quizzes are fantastic for encouraging people to use their cognitive skills in a fun way.  This activity can get competitive at times, but reassure people that it doesn’t matter if they get the answers wrong. It’s all about getting the grey matter working!

The aim of the game is to guess what the abbreviation is. So "Mr” will be “Mister”, “oz” will be “ounce” and “km” will be “kilometre”.

Play the quiz just for fun – or keep score and award the winner with a small prize.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group together or sit with person if one to one
  2. Either read the abbreviation aloud to the group or each person in turn
  3. Ask them to guess what the abbreviation stands for
  4. If someone is struggling to answer, the group can step in and help, or you can give them some clues
  5. Sometimes someone might know the answer but struggle to find the words to say it. If this happens, congratulate them for knowing anyway and give them the answer
  6. Congratulate every answer, even if it’s wrong, as every attempt is a good brain workout
  7. If you’re playing competitively, keep scores and award the winner a small prize

PDF Resource