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13 Piece Puzzle Pack no. 1

13 Piece Puzzles, Collections

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13-piece puzzles for dementia
The 13-piece puzzle pack includes four puzzles designed especially for people living with dementia. From the idyllic to the iconic, each puzzle image is carefully chosen to evoke special memories.

13-piece puzzles for dementia
Relish 13-piece puzzles are designed to delight people with mid-stage dementia. From the idyllic to the iconic, each scene is carefully chosen to stimulate joyful memories and inspire conversations upon completion.

The larger pieces, approximately 10 cm in width, are all unique in both size and shape and are easy to handle for people with dexterity difficulties. The box is designed to assist and encourage individuals to complete the puzzle independently; it perfectly frames the assembled puzzle and features the final image printed on the inside lid. High contrast colors and a clean and uncluttered picture with one main focal point are additional details successfully tested alongside people with mid-stage dementia.

Benefits of puzzles for dementia
Jigsaw puzzles are a favourite pastime for young and old, and for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, they can be especially beneficial. Apart from being a fun and engaging activity to enjoy with family and friends, completing puzzles can gently exercise the brain, benefit visual perception and provide a sense of satisfaction and pride upon completion. Read more about the benefits of puzzles for dementia here. Read more about the benefits of puzzles for dementia here.

Product Features:

  • Includes 4 x 13-piece puzzles
  • Number of puzzle pieces: 13
  • Puzzle piece size: Each piece is approximately 10 cm in width
  • Total puzzle size: 31 cm x 22 cm
  • Material: cardboard
  • Large puzzle pieces for easy handling
  • All pieces are unique in size and shape
  • Box designed to frame the assembled puzzle
  • Designed with high contrast colors to aid visual impairment
  • Cognitive benefits - exercises both sides of the brain
  • Easy jigsaw puzzle for seniors
  • Puzzle pack for dementia

Relish puzzles FAQS
How large are the puzzle pieces?
Each puzzle piece in the 13 piece puzzle collection is unique in size and shape. On average, the width is approximately 10 cm.

Is there an image inside the puzzle boxes?
Yes, the image of the puzzle is on the lid of the box, so this can be used as a guide.

How do I clean the puzzles?
The relish puzzles are now cardboard, and we do not recommend any chemical cleaning agents for these, but can use a light damp cloth to wipe them, with water only.

Do you have puzzles with more pieces?
Yes. You can try our 35 or 63 piece puzzles for that extra challenge. We are currently producing a 100 piece puzzle which will be available soon.

Are the puzzles suitable for the visually impaired?
This all depends on the level of impairment. Our puzzles are designed with high color contrast, and the 13 piece puzzles have one main focal point and larger puzzle pieces, to aid people with vision impairment. Each puzzle piece is unique in shape, and can therefore be put together by feel, which could help make it easier for the person to assemble.

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