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Mid-Late Stage Pack


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Mid-Late Stage
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  • Games and activities to help strengthen connections and improve engagement with loved ones.
  • Challenge dexterity or calm the mind with a variety of products.
  • Thoughtfully designed with large pieces for people with dexterity difficulties.
  • The illustrations have been created with vibrant colours to help with visual impairment.
  • Give the perfect gift and don’t worry – there is no mention of dementia on the packaging.
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$106.96 $96.26

About our product & how it works

This Mid-Late Stage Special Pack, specially designed for those with mid-late stage dementia, brings smiles and laughter while bringing the family together.

**Puppy Playtime **

This playful puppy jigsaw for people with dementia is sure to make dog lovers smile. Fond memories of playing catch with our favourite furry friends are sure to surface.Jigsaw puzzles are a favourite pastime for young and old, and for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, they can be especially beneficial. Apart from being a fun and engaging activity to enjoy with family and friends, completing puzzles can gently exercise the brain, benefit visual perception, and provide a sense of satisfaction and pride upon completion.

**Ocean Life **

The Ocean Life Aquapaint set features iconic creatures of the sea including; a starfish, a turtle, a lobster, a yellow fish, and the ever playful dolphin. Each image has clear black guidelines to nudge the artist along. Relish Aquapaints can provide an enriching experience for people living with dementia. By engaging in creative activities, individuals can exercise their imaginations, experience joy, and help to find a sense of accomplishment. Participating in art helps to promote relaxation and stimulate mental wellbeing.

**Track Marble Maze **

The Track Marble Maze is a dementia-friendly game that aims to challenge dexterity and coordination. The mission? Guide the marble around the track by tilting the maze with both hands. Twist. Turn, Back-up. Repeat! Players are bound to feel a sense of satisfaction when they reach the end of the course. Go as slowly or as quickly as you like. Remember sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.


Building something new or mending something old gave people independence and valuable experience. With this kit, all the popular tools are at your fingertips. Plan upcoming DIY projects, or simply enjoy the task of organising your toolbox. The Relish Magnetic Picture Boards have been designed to delight people with mid-late stage dementia. Retro illustrated pieces are specially designed to elicit fond memories, create scenes worthy of conversation or can stimulate conversations on their own. There is no right or wrong way to engage with this activity.

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Plastic / Card / Wood / Cardboard
Product Specification

Puppy Playtime
Number of puzzle pieces: 13
Puzzle piece size: Each piece is approximately 4.5cm in width
Total puzzle size: 31cm x 22cm
Puzzle material: Strong, responsibly sourced cardboard

Ocean Life
5 x art sheets
Reusable laminate backing, plastic sheets
*Please note a paintbrush is not included

Track Marble Maze
Size: A4
Lightweight wooden frame
Safety screws

Size: 36cm x 25cm
18 x Magnetic Tools

Pack includes
  • 1 x Puppy Playtime
  • 1 x Handyman
  • 1 x Ocean Life
  • 1 x Track Marble Maze

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