Dementia wellbeing

Wellbeing means many things to many people. But to us, it’s a driver for how you are – it indicates how you feel and, over time, how your general happiness can improve.

Sadly, there’s a lot stacking up against wellbeing, especially for people with dementia. Caregivers are often so bogged down with ‘admin’ and chores that reflections on wellbeing are an afterthought.

However, at Relish, wellbeing is our top priority for both people with dementia – and their caregivers. It’s what drives the thinking behind everything we create.

8 levers of wellbeing

We’ve divided wellbeing into eight key levers (think of them as benefits), which each have a purpose. Some might be more relevant to one person over others – or one might need more attention than another.

But the thing they all have in common is the potential to improve wellbeing – on their own or in combination.


Everyone has a story to tell about their life and history. It’s what makes us special and unique. Putting focus on yourself as an individual and who you are builds a fulfilling sense of identity.


Through discovery and continual learning comes satisfaction, achievement and confidence. Developing your abilities and knowledge, even temporarily, proves there’s much more life to enjoy and give.


Calmness can come in many forms. Being at ease in your surroundings and reducing self-doubt can reduce anxiety, while personal touch and repetitive movements can calm and engage unsettled minds.


Building a sense of freedom comes with being able to do something yourself and being given the room to make your own decisions, choices and actions.


We know the emotional journey will be a complicated one with both highs and lows. But it's important to embrace and cherish those moments of happiness - Joy is pivotal and can come from so many sources.


Developing daily purpose, no matter how small, builds a sense of value – both in life, to others and your environment. Mini-successes, new memories, self-pride and sense of importance all add to your place in the world.

Staying active

Keeping your body well nurtured plays a key part in maintaining wellbeing. Daily walks and exercise games are great ways to work those muscles, giving them a burst of life!


Strong relationships are the backbone of support, and the feeling of importance to others tackles emptiness and loneliness. Most importantly, connecting with someone lays a platform for shared joy.

Each of our products help support these personal levers, so look for the icons to see which best match the levers you're interested in.

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