Mid-Late Stage

Explore our selection of products tailored for the mid-late stage dementia, fostering a sense of calm and offering familiar comforts.

  • Dementia Radio & Music Player FM / DAB+ / MP3 Dementia Radio & Music Player FM / DAB+ / MP3
  • Tactile Turn - Dementia Fidget Toy an adult son and father sat on sofa with a Relish Tactile Turn
  • Magnificent Birds Magnificent Birds
  • Animal Snap Animal Snap
  • Puppy Playtime Puppy Playtime
  • Circuit Maze Circuit Maze
  • Summer Birds Summer Birds
  • Lily Pond Lily Pond
  • Fidget Widget Twin Pack Fidget Widget Twin Pack
  • Orient Express Orient Express
  • Ocean Life Ocean Life
  • Fidget Widget Tool Kit Fidget Widget Tool Kit
    12% off
  • Classic Vehicles Classic Vehicles
  • Track Marble Maze Track Marble Maze
  • Blooming Lovely Blooming Lovely
  • Coastal Escape Coastal Escape
  • Farm Memories Farm Memories
  • Garden Wonders Garden Wonders
  • Aquapaint Pack Aquapaint Pack
    10% off
  • Wonderful Animals Wonderful Animals