Gift Ideas for People with Dementia & Alzheimer's

Are you searching for a unique gift to celebrate a special occasion? Explore our selection and discover the perfect present for your loved one!

Who are your gifts suitable for?

We have a variety of fantastic gifts for people with dementia and can also make great gifts for elderly women and men who want to feel inspired.

What gifts do you have available?

Our product range includes puzzles, board games, sensory toys and activities. Our cognitive and memory health gifts for elderly men and women are suitable for different levels, stages and interests.

  • Dementia Radio & Music Player FM / DAB+ / MP3 Dementia Radio & Music Player FM / DAB+ / MP3
  • Bathing Birds Bathing Birds
  • Tactile Turn - Dementia Fidget Toy an adult son and father sat on sofa with a Relish Tactile Turn
  • Paris scene with a painter Sunset in Paris
  • Day Connect™ - Dementia Clock Day Connect™ - Dementia Clock
  • Magnificent Birds Magnificent Birds
  • Animal Snap Animal Snap
  • Farm Life Farm Life
  • Seaside Nostalgia Seaside Nostalgia
  • Puppy Playtime Puppy Playtime
  • All About Us All About Us
  • Wordsearch Level 1 & 2 Wordsearch Level 1 & 2
  • Monet's Garden Monet's Garden
  • Lakeside Vacation Lakeside Vacation
  • Farmer's Market Farmer's Market
  • Cat's Whiskers Cat's Whiskers
  • Circuit Maze Circuit Maze
  • Category Match Category Match
  • Summer Birds Summer Birds
  • Lily Pond Lily Pond