Social Impact Reports

Real impact is vital to us, so we continually measure how we’re doing with our Social Impact reports, making sure we keep on the right track and provide products that affect people’s lives for the better. We’re chuffed with our progress, but there’s always plenty more to do.

2022 Report

In 2022 we have managed to improve the wellbeing of 450,000 people. We have concentrated our efforts on improving the wellbeing of individuals with dementia through our products and resources, as well as furthering our reach globally.

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2019 Report

In 2018/2019 we focused our efforts on reaching more individuals with dementia. This meant broadening beyond Healthcare organisations and Care Homes to a wider audience, recognising the growing number of people with dementia staying at home longer. Our Social Impact Report for 2019 reviews the impact that we had on the wellbeing of dementia, and how many lives we affected.

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2016 Report

In 2016, Active Minds helped to improve the quality of life and well-being for over 52,000 people across the world living with dementia.

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