How to bring Calm and Joy to your loved ones

How to bring Calm and Joy to your loved ones

By Bianca Ansbro-Elliott on, October 06, 2023


Everybody wants to know that their loved ones are happy and content, or feel joy and calm - it’s all part of a loving relationship. When a loved one gets older or has been diagnosed with dementia, this original hope for a loved one, can become a worry. Things that were once easy, might start to become more challenging for some, with many people then becoming agitated by this. As a loved one, you’re generally the first to notice this.

We understand this concern, and it is one of the reasons our founder, Ben, started Relish, to create products to help bring joy and calm to people living with dementia. We have a whole site of products to with help this, and have listed a few below.

When buying something for people living with dementia, it’s useful to think about:

  • What are their current interests and abilities An arts and crafts dementia gift is a nice idea if they are creative or a radio if they enjoying listening to music.

  • Find the right level of challenge if you’re considering buying puzzles for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. As long as the right stage has been identified, you won’t offend the person you are buying for by getting them a puzzle that is too simple or too hard. Find the correct stage of dementia here.

  • With the right understanding of the person’s needs and abilities, you can find a game or activity that will help make someone smile, spark a happy memory, or create a sense of connection.

All of our products to do not mention dementia on the packaging to ensure that your loved ones feel comfortable!

Dementia-Friendly Products to bring Joy!

The Relish Radio

Music is critical for improving the wellbeing of anyone living with dementia. Music can provide a connection to the past and the present, reduce stress and even delay cognitive decline. That's why we created the Relish radio. The Relish DAB+ Radio & Music Player puts you back in control so you can truly experience the power of music for yourself

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Jigsaw puzzles are soothing and stimulating, which can increase wellbeing and help improve communication and interaction. With our puzzles ranging from 13 to 100-pieces, and many different illustrations to choose from, you can be sure to find one that is suitable for your loved ones ability and taste.

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Arts and Crafts

Engaging in art activities lets people express their creativity and reduce stress and anxiety, improving their wellbeing. Our Aquapaints are designed for somebody living with middle stages of dementia, to help them find calm and express themselves creatively, whilst our colouring books are designed for somebody living with early stages of dementia.

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Our collection of dementia games brings a sense of play to the lives of the elderly and people with dementia. They are a fantastic way to bring the family together and help drive conversation amongst groups.

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Our sensory products engages repetitive movements, touch and feel to keep busy hands engaged and help calm unsettled minds. There is no right way to use the toys, so users can enjoy exploring different ways to interact with it. It’s perfect for relieving tension and restlessness.

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