Staying Independent

Staying independent is crucial, not just for a sense of self-worth, but also to help people stay at home, happier, longer.

“I keep my independence by focusing on what I can do, I know that I am not great in my own company so being with people really helps me. I will use activities like art, puzzles etc to seek my independence.”

Keith Oliver

“Keeping Independent is really important, the computer and technology can really help. It is important for family members to allow you to do things on your own they can do things with you but not for you.”

Dr Jennifer Bute

“I live alone so I keep very independent, my daughters live close by and they help me but I do find that technology is a huge help! I have difficulties with suspicions of people so it best that I live on my own for as long as possible.”

Lorraine Brown

“It is getting harder to keep him independent but he is very mobile and active so we give him the freedom to be independent but sometimes he does need assistance, everyday is different.”

Karen Bonsar

“In the beginning I wanted to do everything for her, but this was detrimental for her so giving her the time and space to help, helps her. Maintaining routine really helps her to keep independent.”


“I do not want to be on my own dealing with this, so I work alongside my wife to keep my independence.”

Chris Norris

Tips on Staying Independent

  • Find a local group to join, for coffee mornings, art clubs, memory café.

  • If you are still working, try to be as open as you can with your manager and colleagues with what is happening. Discuss ways in which your role can be adapted to enable you to continue working for longer. Keeping to a routine at work could be helpful, as you will know what is expected of you each day.

  • Look into some volunteering opportunities. A lot of charity shops may have opportunities and local parks may have groups doing litter picking, which is a great way to keep active as well!

  • Start everyday with planning what you can do for yourself and focus on these tasks to help maintain independence in this area for as long as possible.

  • Be open to accepting some help which will assist you in remaining as independent as possible. Whether this is perhaps some form of technology, help from a friend or family member or something to aid mobility.

  • Try to maintain focus on what you are still able to do independently and not what you are not able to do.

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