Finding Calm

Calmness can come in many different forms, whether that it is taking a deep breath when feeling agitated, a short meditation to begin your day or listening to classical music.

“Keeping the environment calm is not always possible but I try to manage how I am feeling and to stay calm. I try to enter her reality and be where she is. I always want her to feel that I am on her side.”


“To find calm, I meditate and once a week I go to Tai Chi for people living with dementia.”

Lorraine Brown

“To find calm, I read and watch light television which is essentially is nothing challenging and gives me a moment of escapism, I find that relaxing. Spending time with people keeps me relaxed.”

Keith Oliver

“My music is a great calming tool; it is a great relaxation. I would advise people to keep their hobbies going, things they enjoyed before they got their diagnosis. Many people think they have to give up everything, but you don't!”

Chris Norris

“A mix of activities and medication has really helped his depression, structure is also very important for people living with dementia, it will really help to keep everyone involved calm.”

Karen Bonser

“Music is very important to me, it can calm people at mealtimes and when they are reluctant to eat. It is wonderful in all situations. I also love the garden at the care home, I find it very calming.”

Dr Jennifer Bute

Tips on Finding Calm

  • Keep a weekly/daily timetable - use a diary or whatever works for you – this will help bring focus to your day and reduce anxiety of not knowing what is going on and to bring more calmness in your life.

  • Find time for yourself to be able to process your thoughts and feelings about what you are experiencing. Allowing yourself to think about what is happening and planning for the future could help you maintain control in your life.

  • Don’t put pressure on yourself or take too much on to try and prove something to yourself or others, focus on the most important things. Take on one thing at a time.

  • Have an emotional outlet that helps you find calm and do that as often as needed. Whether going for a walk in the fresh air, spending alone time with pets or having a coffee with a friend.

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