Bringing Joy

We know the emotional journey will include highs and lows, but it is crucial to find moments of joy and happiness to share together.

“You can have more joy, it is possible! I am even happier now because I have a purpose in helping people to understand more about dementia and enabling other people to find hope.”

Dr Jennifer Bute

“I find joy all of the time, but music really brings me joy. It is powerful to me, and it does not matter when they were released. I can still learn the lyrics with the aid of my phone.”

Lorraine Brown

“The choir and music brings him so much joy, I do not know if he would be the same if he did not have his music.”

Karen Bonser

“I think connecting with younger adults brings me a lot of joy, along with writing. hope that I can inspire them, make them think and to challenge people’s way of thinking. I really like to spend time with my friends and family.”

Keith Oliver

“Spending time together really brings both of us joy, we can just lay around together and laugh. It does not matter what we are doing but as long as we are together.”


“I keep myself busy, which is why I have never really taken to fishing! I live for today and I have planned for the future, with my will and power of attorney. Living for today and helping people brings me the most joy!”

Chris Norris

Tips on Bringing Joy

  • Find laughter where you can, it truly is the greatest medicine.

  • Music is all around us throughout our lives, from favourite songs to songs from our childhood. Music can bring back so many memories and can immediately make a person feel a sense of joy.

  • Spending time with family and friends is one of the best ways to bring joy. If some are far away, pick up the phone or video call them. If conversations are becoming difficult, spend time doing an activity together or even try doing a quiz which you can do on a video call.

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