Products for Dementia & Alzheimer's

Our dementia products are thoughtfully designed to bring joy, calm and independence to people at any stage of their journey. Shop dementia-friendly products today.

  • Ocean Life Ocean Life
  • Magnificent Birds Magnificent Birds
  • Monet's Garden Monet's Garden
  • Colouring Books Multipack Colouring Books Multipack
  • Farm Memories Farm Memories
  • 63 Piece Puzzle Pack no. 2 63 Piece Puzzle Pack no. 2
  • Garden Wonders Garden Wonders
  • Classic Vehicles Classic Vehicles
  • Coastal Escape Coastal Escape
  • Mixed Puzzle Pack no.2 Mixed Puzzle Pack no.2
  • Burano Island (Venice) Burano Island (Venice)
  • Everyday Joys Everyday Joys
  • Mixed Puzzle Pack no.1 Mixed Puzzle Pack no.1
  • Radiant Nature Radiant Nature
  • Wonderful Animals Wonderful Animals