Spend time with loved ones with Singing At Home

Spend time with loved ones with Singing At Home

By Bianca Ansbro-Elliott on, January 30, 2023


Music has the ability to transform the lives of many people living with dementia as it can improve their social connection, mood, wellbeing and engagement. Meaningful music engagement can make a huge difference in a person’s quality of life.

Alexis Baker, founded Bridgetown Music Therapy to make a difference through music and improving the life of people living with dementia. Like a bridge she hopes to provide connection and support through the power of music.

“Music can do all kinds of cool things for the brain and body, it makes the perfect tool for engaging individuals with dementia. A few examples: unlocking their past memories, improving mood, increasing energy levels, and promoting relaxation. Singing has amazing benefits such as relieving stress, boosting the immune system, providing comfort, promoting expressive communication and improving lung capacity.” Alexis Baker

Singing At Home, has a collection of videos that have been created by Alexis Baker a licenced music therapist to promote participation in music-orientated activities such as singing, gentle movement and relaxation which help to alleviate anxiety, loneliness, agitation and declining health.

Singing At Home can be a wonderful tool to use when looking for things to do with loved ones, as you can spend time together with your family and friends whilst enjoying the wide range of videos.

Singing at Home is so easy to use!

* No planning or previous musical skill required

* Access anytime, anywhere from any smart TV or device.

* Grab your loved one and press play.

With your Relish purchase this month you will receive a discount code for 20% off a Singing At Home membership.

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