Mother's Day: Mothers with Dementia Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Mother's Day: Mothers with Dementia Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

By Cormac Stanford on, May 06, 2021


Mothers shower us with their love and affection all year round but on May 9th, it’s time to turn the tables and shower them with our undivided attention (and gifts too)! Many Mother’s Day gifts are dispensable; however the right gift, especially for mothers or maternal relatives or figures living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, can be much more significant as mementos that spur meaningful exchanges and even flourish into cherished “walks down memory lane”.

The Familiar Can Be Vital for the Person Living with DementiaYour mother or maternal figure has likely experienced a home-cooked breakfast or brunch or a tray of delicacies and dainties in her lifetime, however when dementia has progressed, these memories have likely become faint or fleeting. However, scents can actually trigger memories for EVERYONE, so cooking a meal or baking a sweet treat may be both delicious and beneficial for spurring memories or experiences. If this is feasible (if you are your Mom’s or maternal figure’s caretaker), then cook away!

But if your Mom or maternal figure is living in an assisted living facility or nursing home, ask the administrator or nurse if it’s OK to bring a treat or outside food in when visiting. Or, maybe she has always been a gardening buff or lover of flowers and their alluring scents and beauty? If so, nothing brightens up a room or Mom’s mood than a beautiful bouquet of blossoms.

Moms everywhere have relished homemade cards or gifts from children for centuries—nothing is more meaningful than a lovingly designed card. But, if you’re unsure if your Mom or maternal figure living with dementia or Alzheimer’s would be able to recognize or appreciate a handmade gift at this juncture in her disease progression, try one of the following products:

- Home Album Reminiscence Cards provide the perfect opportunity to sit and relax with your parent or relative and help narrate the stories of her life. The evocative series of pictures and conversation starters can jog wonderful memories and prompt reminiscence about timeless joys, favourite things, and magical holidays. To see some of these meaningful Mother’s Day mementos, click . - Magnetic Picture Boards focused on home-based activities like cooking/baking, sewing, and other hands-on home improvement activities can be found at . These beautifully illustrated magnetic pieces invite those living with dementia to create a conversation-sparking scene, while reliving heartwarming moments. Your Mom’s or other maternal relative’s imagination will come alive when arranging the pieces in a visually compelling collage.

- Or, spoil your Mom or maternal figure with a collection of relatable resources called the Reminiscence Pack at . This contains Timeslide™ albums and Creative Scenes magnetic boards to help spark memories and spur comforting conversation.

Whichever you choose for your Mom or maternal figure’s special gift, it will likely usher in good feelings and create new ways to connect and communicate together. To view our digital catalog featuring engaging and reminiscent activities to do with your mother or female figure living with dementia or other memory loss conditions, please visit TODAY.

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