Celebrating Carers with Carers Card UK

Celebrating Carers with Carers Card UK

By Bianca Ansbro-Elliott on, October 31, 2022


Every day unpaid carers provide help and support to people that the state is unable to. They help keep people out of busy hospitals, out of care homes and, as far as is possible, help to maintain people’s independence in their own home. There are over 13 million unpaid carers in the UK and collectively it’s estimated that they save the UK economy anywhere between £100 and £130 billion per year. However, there’s a consequence to this as it’s often the carer that must pay by way of financial burden and negative impacts on their own health and wellbeing. They’re unsung heroes.

If you find yourself doing things like helping someone to; get dressed, get fed, clean, take them to regular appointments or do their shopping then it’s likely you are a carer. Even if you’re just keeping that person company and you’re not getting paid for any of it then you are a carer. There’s no legal definition of being an unpaid carer but simply put, if you’re spending a lot of time with someone and that time is helping their wellbeing then you are a carer.

Unpaid carers don’t walk around with name badges, lanyards or have car window stickers saying that they’re carers. They simply do what they need to do to look after loved ones and often go unnoticed. However, there are times when it’s important that they can quickly and easily identify themselves as carers to access certain goods and services.

We’ve teamed up with Carers Card UK who have provide a carers ID card that allows people to quickly and easily identify themselves as unpaid carers. Their carers ID card comes in both physical and digital form and can easily be used to inform people that work in places like shops, pharmacies and GP surgeries that you are an unpaid carer. Carers can show the card at school, the shops, hospitals, at work or leisure and sport venues. It saves the bother of having to dig out other paperwork or answer lots of questions to prove you’re a carer. The physical card comes in a similar shape to a credit or debit card while the digital version resides on your mobile device.

Carers Card UK understand that carers play such a vital role in society and because of this they need to be continually supported, recognised, and rewarded. Therefore, their carers ID card scheme provides much more than just a form of identification. Holders also get access to the Carers Card UK app which houses a plethora of additional features and benefits, some of which include; local and national discounts, wellbeing hub, carer emergency plans, ICE (In Case of Emergency) information and events. Features are added all of the time so the scheme is always developing.

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