Welcome to Women's Hour

Welcome to Women's Hour

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  • Bring Joy
  • Time Together
  • Embrace Identity

What you need

  1. A good selection of glossy magazines
  2. A knitting/sewing box
  3. Wordsearch and crossword books
  4. Playing cards
  5. A radio or music player
  6. Books of art, animals, history, or perhaps the Royal Family
  7. A sensory box for rummaging in
  8. Tea and coffee – with biscuits!


This is exactly what it says on the tin – an hour that’s set aside each day, exclusively for women to come together and bond. And with a variety of different activities pitched at many different levels, all women should feel welcome to join in!

Just make sure you set this up in a room that’s relatively private and away from other distracting activities. You do need to collect quite a few bits and bobs before you get these sessions started, but once you’ve got everything you need, it’s easy to pull it all out each time.

Top tip

It might be an idea to encourage this session to be something that women can drop in and out of at any time, to alleviate any pressure to take part.

The Activity

  1. Set up the room with different areas for different activities
  2. Make sure you have a table with some playing cards or wordsearches/crosswords
  3. Include a comfy seated space with glossy magazines or books
  4. Create a quiet area with sensory items and the rummage box
  5. Put on some music that will appeal to the group, whether that’s country, jazz or some old love songs
  6. Invite the group to come and choose which activity area they’d like to sit in, encouraging those at a sensory level to sit near the music and the rummage box
  7. Start assisting people to get the activities going
  8. Once everyone’s busy, move around the room to support each person/group with their activity and encourage people to switch their activities whenever they like
  9. Serve tea, coffee and biscuits throughout to keep the chatter flowing